Saturday, February 21, 2009


So, I did some serious thinking these last couple of nights, and I decided that Humber College isn't right for me. So assuming I don't get into Mohawk I'll be going to Canadore in North Bay. I think in the long run though, it'll be better for me.

Playathon went well. Except for the fact I have to dance with someone... who is definitely not someone you'd want to dance with. He doesn't. AND when he does it's just thrusts. He doesn't wear deodorant. SO you could imagine the fun I'm having with that.

Probably won't be writing tomorrow, so I can tell you what I'll be doing tonight. I'm going to see Friday the 13th with a few friends, and kind of keep an eye (from a distance of course) on my current interest.. which just so happens that I'm also his current interest and he's going on a "just for fun date" with a friend. BUT I can go to the same movie too right? AND no I'm not a psycho stalker, William like creamed himself at the idea of seeing Friday the 13th. I wouldn't lie.


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